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Hello Jake! New AFS trailer soon? Please?

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Your wish is my command.

In all honesty though… There may or may not be a certain trailer thats being painstakingly edited to make it as awesome as possible… Maybe. And I heard from some hobo on the street that it’s almost done.

a finger slip official trailer official trailer Anonymous

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you're so fucking cute <3

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I am Groot


So I made a video

Hello world.

I’ve recently become the videographer for an incredibly talented local band, known as the Accidentals. If you haven’t heard their stuff, you’re missing out. Theses are some of the most awesome, genuine, and ridiculously fucking talented individuals that I have ever met. I had the pleasure of helping them create this music video for one of their songs, Lemons In Chamomile.

I was director of photography, editor, and visual effects person on this video. Take a second to check it out, these guys are incredible.  




I’m following every single one of you.

I should probably add I was a panelist at the Friday night Roleplay versus Fanfiction panel, the Fanon panel, the Reactions to the Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes panel, and the Deconstructing Khan panel. I dressed up like Stag Night Sherlock and Irene Adler. :)

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